The UGA Writing Center's Mission Statement

The Writing Center maintains a strong commitment to the excellence of all UGA students. We understand that writing is critical to excellence both in the classroom and in the professional future of each student we encounter, regardless of academic interests. We seek to assist students in understanding the writing process, elaborating on their ideas and theories, and evaluating and editing their own work.

Our Policies

  • All students (undergraduate and graduate) may make up to two appointments a week in the Writing Center.

  • You must upload your work to our website when you schedule your appointment. Word documents are greatly preferred. If you do not, your appointment may be canceled. (You will be welcome to reschedule.)

  • Appointments must be for currently enrolled students (or recent graduates), faculty, and staff; and the writing worked on must be for the person making the appointment. Students are not allowed to schedule appointments for other people or attend sessions with other people's writing.

  • Please note consultants will not proofread or edit papers. Consultants are happy to work with writers to improve proofreading and editing skills,  but this process involves the writer asking questions and actively learning from the consultant.

  • Writing Center consultants cannot guess (or critique) a letter grade for writing brought into the Center. We ask that our visitors please remember this and not ask consultants to say what grade they believe a piece of writing should earn.

  • Students are allowed to have only one Writing Center account.

  • If a student is caught breaking any Writing Center rule, the student may face the loss of Writing Center privileges.