Assistant Professor
Fine Arts 364

Chris Eaket (Ph.D. Cultural Mediations, Carleton University, 2010) is cross-appointed between the Department of English and Department of Theatre & Film Studies.  He specializes in Digital Humanities, Modern Drama & Critical Theory, with particular interests in digital storytelling, science fiction, locative media, spatial theory, hypertext and media-specific analysis.  He is a member of the GRAND (GRaphics, Animation and New meDia) research project, a prior contributor to the Cybercartogrpahy and the New Economy project, and a founding member of the Hypertext & Hypermedia Lab in Ottawa, Canada.  He has published essays on Project [murmur] (Theatre Research in Canada), Live Hypernarrative (Cartographica), Locative Media (MIT6), and Neo-Immersion (ACM Digital Library).  He has articles forthcoming on Jeff Noon's Vurt and Robert Lepage's Blue Dragon.  He is currently working on a book dealing with the intersections of locative media and site-specific art.

My Research Areas and Approaches

Research Approach
Research Approach