• Each student is allowed one appointment total per week, regardless of location. For example, one appointment in the Science Library counts as your appointment for the week.

  • Undergraduates can schedule one, thirty-minute appointment per week; graduate students may schedule up to sixty minutes in one appointment or two, thirty-minute appointments per week.
  • If you realize you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it online at least twelve hours before your scheduled start time. Appointments cannot be modified within that twelve-hour window and will count as a no-show if missed.

  • Students are allowed one no-show per semester. After the second no-show, you will not be allowed to use the Writing Center system for the rest of the semester.

  • Appointments must be for currently enrolled students (or recent graduates), and the writing worked on must be for the person making the appointment. Students are not allowed to schedule appointments for other people or attend sessions with other people's writings.
  • Students are allowed to have only one Writing Center account.

  • If a student is caught breaking any Writing Center rule, the student may face the loss of Writing Center privileges.
  • Please be on time to your appointment, ready to collaborate with your consultant and learn the skills that will help you improve your own writing.