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This area of interest examines the literature and other artistic productions of the early twentieth-century revolution in cultural expression that we call Modernism. Transatlantic Modernisms considers the political and aesthetic implications of Modernist experimentation (in literature, film, the visual arts) and traces multiple Modernisms as they interact across the Atlantic. This area focuses largely on the twentieth century, but also looks back to consider earlier transatlantic formations and their influence on the Modernist moment. Recent graduate courses in the Transatlantic Modernisms area include “American Modernism,” “20th-century British Poetry,” “Triangulating Transatlanticism,” and “Modern Aesthetics.” Graduate students interested in this area also benefit from the Willson Center’s Interdisciplinary Modernism/s Workshop and from our department’s connections with the School of Art.

Course work in this area may include, but is not limited to, the following courses:

ENGL 6451 The Global Eighteenth Century

ENGL 6650 Modern Drama

ENGL 6660 Twentieth-Century British Poetry

ENGL 6670 The Twentieth-Century British Novel

ENGL 6685 Post-Colonial Literature

ENGL 6695 Topics in Post-Colonial Literature

ENGL 6698 Postcolonial & Postsecular Literature

ENGL 6730 American Fiction 1918-1960

ENGL 6750 American Writing after 1960

ENGL 8600 Seminar in Modern Literature

Exam areas could include, but are not limited to:

20th-Century British, 20th-Century American, African American, Contemporary, Transnational Networks, and Literary Criticism and Theory.

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