Internships Overview

The English Department's Internship has received temporary approval of the revised course changes! This means a more streamlined application process, and a lower GPA requirement.

English majors with a grade point average in the major of 3.3 or higher may earn academic credit for internships in literary media, including but not limited to publishing, editing, and arts administration through ENGL 4840. Through ENGL 4841, may pursue an internship in teaching literature and/or writing at either the college or secondary level, including work may include developing curriculum, lecturing, conducting discussion, tutoring students, and helping to assess student work. In English 4842, English majors may earn academic credit for internships in business, technical, scientific, and non-profit venues. Students are responsible for arranging an internship in conjunction with the English Undergraduate Office and an on-site internship supervisor. 
Academic credit is earned on the basis of 6-10 hours per week of on-site work during the regular 15-week term (11-20 hours during the 8-week summer session), a weekly work log, and a brief summary of experiences at the of the semester culminating with a final academic project. All English Internships may count as a 1 hour, general elective credit.

Students who wish to earn credit for ENGL 4840 must submit an application to the English Department Undergraduate Office (through the Undergraduate Office in Park 134). Students wishing to earn credit for ENGL 4841 must submit an application to the Internship in Teaching and Pedagogy Supervisor.  Applications for venues not currently on record must be reviewed and voted on by the Undergraduate Committee.

Students wishing to earn 3 credit hours can petition the Undergraduate Committee to allow them to complete the internship according to the 3 credit hour policy. In order to allow time for this process to work, students should begin planning early in the term preceding that in which they want to earn academic credit for English 4840. The 3-hour English 4840 will be 3 hours of general elective credit; it does not count for major credit. Just as with any other petition put forth to the Undergraduate Committee, all internship proposals must be approved the semester before students intend to pursue the internship. Due dates for petitions and proposals for the Committee are posted on the English Majors Email Listserv every semester.