Honors in English

The English Department has its own Departmental Honors Program.

*Students enrolled in the Honors Program should consult the Honors Program for information on graduating in English with Honors.

Requirements for Departmental Honors in English

NOTE: Directed Reading / Thesis Proposals can only count for English Electives. They can not count for any other area of the English major.

English majors with an overall GPA of least 3.5 and a GPA of at least 3.75 in English classes that count towards the major at UGA may work towards Departmental Honors by fulfilling all of the following criteria: 

1) completing an Area of Emphasis within the English major

2) producing an excellent, 25-30 page piece of work for an Advanced Writing class (ENGL 4830 or 4831) or a senior seminar (ENGL 4995) or a Directed Reading or Undergraduate Thesis in English

3) presenting work at, or organizing, an approved local, regional, national or international Undergraduate Conference (such as CURO; Women's Studies; Sigma Tau Delta) 
Please note faculty should not take on more than two Directed Readings or Theses in any given semester. 

"Departmental Honors" will appear on qualifying students' transcripts, but not on their diplomas.

Please Note: Students who wish to receive English department credit for a Thesis, for a Directed Reading, or for any Honors Research or Honors Thesis hours MUST turn in all their forms, syllabi, reading lists and other documentation before the final Undergraduate Committee meeting in Fall Semester (for a directed reading or thesis the following Spring) or Spring Semester (for a directed reading or thesis planned for the following Summer or Fall). Announcements will be made via the English Majors Listserv for due dates. The English Department Calendar of Events on the Department's homepage also lists the dates of Undergraduate Committee meetings. It is the students' responsibility to read these guidelines and turn in these materials on time, NOT your Honors or English advisor's responsibility to remind you to do so. Students who fail to turn in their materials in time have the option of clearing their Thesis and Research/Directed Reading hours through Honors, in which case the courses will appear with the HONS prefix, NOT the ENGL prefix, on the transcript, and will NOT count towards the English major.