Harry Berger Harrying
Park 123

Dr. Harry Berger Jr. is the author of 16 books and around a hundred articles. He has taught for six decades at both Yale and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Harry is one of only fifty founding faculty members at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is Professor Emeritus in both the Literature and Art History departments, and he was instrumental in the construction of the History of Consciousness program. There have been many conferences in his honor, and in 2009, a collection of essays entitled, A Touch More Rare: Harry Berger Jr. and the Arts of Interpretation, was published. The collection sought to honor, examine, and challenging Harry’s work. Harry’s work remains vibrant and at the vanguard. Stephen Greenblatt muses that “somewhere in his innermost closet, Harry Berger Jr. must harbor the secret of perennial freshness.” Harry has received nearly every conceivable honor awarded in our profession, but most notably, in 2006, Dr. Berger was elected Fellow of the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. During this open seminar Professor Berger will guide UGA English graduate students through Shakespeare's Henry V.

Dr. Berger's visit is sponsored by the English Department and the Willson Center.