Graduate Teaching Assistant
Lab Coordinator, FYC Digital Learning Labs
120a Park Hall

A Tennessean by birth. A Shakespearean by practice.


BA Sewanee--The University of the South

MA The University of Alabama

PhD The University of Georgia (upcoming 2017)

Research Interests:

Ben Fuqua writes about 17th century British literature (specifically drama and poetry) as a place of fluctuating subjectivity and objectivity prior to our current established notions of the human / nature binary. His dissertation traces literary treatment of objects like Yorick's skull, the Duchess of Malfi's "apricocks," and our notions of books themselves as sites of recursive subjectivity enacted in the material world. By reading and by writing we allow interior spaces to become exterior. Fuqua spends much of his time considering how real, therefore, the insides of books are compared to their covers and the pages that hold them.

He has transitioned to the role of Lab Coordinator for FYC's Digital Learning Labs. Please contact him for any questions related to Emma or to discuss alternative learning spaces.

Major professor(s):

My Research Areas and Approaches